14th European Congress on Epileptology

5. juli 08:00

5-9 Juli 2020    |    Geneva, Switzerland

5-9 July 2020    |    Geneva, Switzerland




Chairs’ Symposium: Precision medicine for patients with epilepsy – are we there yet?

Co-chairs: Eugen Trinka (Austria) & Margitta Seeck (Switzerland)

  • How genetic findings impact patients’ treatment and prognosis – Sarah Weckhuysen (Belgium)
  • New imaging tools will advance patients’ diagnosis and treatment to the next level – Serge Vulliemoz (Switzerland)
  • New avenues in drug development will have an impact on patients’ life – Wolfgang Löscher (Germany)
  • What is needed to bring advances in diagnosis and treatment to the population? – The global implementation gap – Samuel Wiebe (Canada)


Neurodegeneration and epilepsy 

Co-chairs: Eleonora Aronica (Netherlands) & Stephan Rüegg (Switzerland)

  • Neurodegenerative disorders and seizures – the epidemiological view – Ettore Beghi (Italy) 
  • The ABT of neurodegeneration: alpha synuclein, beta amyloid, and tau protein and their role in epileptogenesis – Katja Kobow (Germany)
  • Diagnosis – neuroimaging, CSF, EEG – Giovani Frisoni (Italy) 
  • Therapeutic challenges of treating patients with epilepsy and neurodegenerative disorders – Stephan Rüegg (Switzerland)
  • The birth of hyperexcitability in Alzheimer’s Disease – Jeffrey Noebels (USA)


Novel approaches to drug discovery

Co-chairs: Matthew Walker (United Kingdom) & Meir Bialer (Israel)

  • Why we need novel approaches – Heidrun Potschka (Germany)
  • Novel models of paediatric epilepsies – Stéphane Auvin (France)
  • Zebra fish as tools for personalised medicine – Peter de Witte (Belgium)
  • Use of gene networks and induced pluripotent stem cells in drug discovery – Michael Johnson (United Kingdom)


Is it possible to predict outcome in childhood epilepsies?

Co-chairs: Nicola Specchio (Italy) & Georgia Ramantani (Switzerland)

  • The role of genetics: where to start for understanding outcome – Ingrid Scheffer (Australia)
  • Disease modifying treatments: is there an option? – Nicola Specchio (Italy)
  • Prediction of outcome after epilepsy surgery: what can we learn from the virtual brain? – Fabrice Bartolomei (France)
  • How EEG, MRI and neuroimaging of brain networks can help? – Torsten Baldeweg (United Kingdom)
  • The sooner, the better – Georgia Ramantani (Switzerland)


Future therapies for epilepsy

Co-chairs: Reetta Kälviäinen (Finland) & Meir Bialer (Israel)

  • Update on new antiepileptic drugs in the pipeline – Meir Bialer (Israel)
  • Can we develop new therapies for therapy-resistant patients? – Matthew Walker (United Kingdom)
  • Impact of new regulatory guidelines on drug development approaches – Emilio Perucca (Italy)
  • Innovative treatments for orphan epilepsies, one at a time? – J Helen Cross (United Kingdom)
  • Update on new antiepileptic devices in the pipeline – Kristl Vonck (Belgium)
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