NES Epilepsikonferanse - 1st Nordic Status Epilepticus Meeting

Program til årets Epilepsimøte (NES møte) følger snart

PROGRAM 1st Nordic Status Epilepticus Meeting

10.00 Opening, Erik Taubøll

Definitions, mechanisms and diagnostic monitoring – chair Bernt Engelsen

10.10-10.55 Definitions, incidence and etiology. Eugen Trinka

10.55-11.15 Basic mechanisms for epileptogenesis and development of SE. Toni Berger

11.15-11.45 What is the role of EEG in SE? Tom Eichele

11.45-11.55 Discussion

12.00-13.00 LUNCH

Treatment of SE – chair Christian Samsonsen

13.00-13.20 The Norwegian guidelines for first-line treatment – are they followed? Ketil Berg Olsen

13.20-14.15 Refractory and superrefractory SE - which therapeutic strategy to choose when

standard treatment does not work? Andrea Rossetti

14.15-14.40 Coffee break

When backs are against the wall: The Norwegian experience with non-standardized treatments

– chair Dag Aurlien

14.40-15.00 Ketogenic diet. Jon Barlinn

15.00-15.15 Case report - the use of an interleukin 1β antagonist-Anakinra. Monika Mochol

15.15-15.30 Pyridoxine in SE treatment – a case report. Ellen Molteberg

15.30-15.45 The sad story of neurosteroids – what can we learn from it? Erik Taubøll

15.45-16.05 Coffee break

SE in special syndromes and conditions – chair Ellen Molteberg

16.05-16.35 Autoimmune refractory epilepsy and SE. Anette Storstein

16.35-16.55 FIRES/NORSE. Gro Anita Gauslå

16.55-17.10 Hyperammonemia after VPA in SE – a clinical problem? Sarah Habhab

17.10-17.35 Coffee, fruit

Consequences of SE and ethical considerations – chair Erik Taubøll

17.35-18.00 Cognitive sequelae after SE. Kjersti Nesheim Power

18.00-18.20 Prediction of outcome. Line Bédos Ulvin

18.20-18.45 Ethical issues - when to stop SE treatment. Morten Horn

18.45-19.00 Closing remarks. What is the way forward in Norway? The need for a national SE registry.

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